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Plagiarism on the Web

Icon Written by Cumba on January 10, 2009 – 8:04 pm

There is nothing wrong with gathering information from different sources and creating your own content. What is wrong is outright stealing the content from someone’s site and then putting your own copyright warning on that content. The purpose of this site is to share information and make people aware of people, places and historical events [...]

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Juano Hernandez, Actor

Icon Written by Cumba on August 24, 2008 – 3:44 pm

“This is an article adapted from one that I wrote for my personal website. I have seen the article on other websites without any credit. I thought Mr. Hernandez is one of those talents that deserve recognition for their contributions and accomplishments to the arts.” Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico (anywhere from 1896 to [...]

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