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Latino Films online – Cine Dulce

Icon Written by Cumba on March 28, 2009 – 12:39 pm

The art of short filmmaking fascinates me. Telling a story in a short amount of time, often with limited resources and producing something to be enjoyed is admirable. I am happy that there are resources out there where these films can gain an audience and don’t just fade away as part of someone’s resumer or [...]

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NYILFF – Shorts Program: Talk 2 Her

Icon Written by Cumba on July 26, 2008 – 4:34 pm

Yesterday I saw another short film program and my review is below. Overall, I have to say that all the shorts I have seen have been enjoyable and very creative. When I say that I like some better than others, it does not mean that the other films are not worth seeing. I believe that [...]

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